The Vision

‘Where is Wilfred’ is an art based collective that aims to inspire all humans to connect with difficult world issues through positive information sharing and thought provoking pieces of art. 

The name Wilfred is derived from the words "will" and "peace"; by connecting with the movement, our artists and followers will be on a continual journey of finding peace in chaos.

Where is Wilfred uses art as a way of exploring tough issues such as poverty and conflict, and exposes the flickers of hope in the human and non-human experience.

At our core, we value collaboration and connection, hoping that our artworks will inspire positive conversations and shed light on the amazing people working to create peaceful solutions to the most difficult issues facing the globe today. 

We wanted to activate a positive consciousness in all of our Where is Wilfred followers:

25% of all proceeds made from our products will go to nominated and vetted local organisations.

Purchase an artwork with the request WOMENSMARCH to find out how your support will help!